Zac debuted his first book at the end of 2017 in collaboration with Ede Dugdale. Selling over 10,000 copies in its first year, the book was a massive success and helped solidify a great year. A Chelsea Story offers an insight into the life of Zac Des through a collection of around 300 photographs shot by him, but with some shots of Zac taken by others. The images document the past year of Zac's journey featuring places, faces and behind the scenes shots. Split into chapters, with a wide array of street, building and architecture shots at the front of the book. The second half of the book contains a collection of intricate, film and digitally shot images taken by Zac. This stylish & beautifully designed edition is comprised of his favourites as well as new and exclusive images that have never been seen before.

*Please note - Physical copies are no longer available for purchase. Amazon and iBooks have the book available for digital download. 

For distribution and licensing enquires please contact Genius Brand

Cover Shot by joe.o 

Book designed by Ede Dugdale