Take the best that exists and make it better.


From photography to exhibitions, book creations and Apple Endorsements; Zac Des has become a contact to some of the biggest and best brands in the world. His signature street style photography instantly gained him major popularity in London crowds, since then he's been on a mission to reinvent and stay ahead of the curve. After the 2017 launch of his first book "A Chelsea Story", Zac has gone onto host parties, exhibitions, fashion week events as well as lend his hand to many a brand on projects to help exceed expectations. His management at Genius Brand exclusively manage all photography enquiries, with Zac now focusing on Zac Des Brand. 


Content nowadays only stays with people for a very short period of time thanks to social media. The ethos for Zac Des is to create content that leaves an impression that lasts, trusted by musicians, public figures, brands both luxury & startup - it's to capture what hasn't been captured before. Click here to work with Zac

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